A Touch of Genie


by Tuna

We are all familiar with Joe Sarno's softcore classics, and know that he is a master of the genre, has a strongly pro woman slant, and focuses on women's reaction to sex more than the actual sex, but Joe was not exclusively a softcore director. He would apply his talents to hardcore material when he was in a place or an era where he felt he could do so without fear of arrest. The After Hours Cinema branch of AI has unearthed a classic example of Sarno hardcore, a spoof of I Dream of Jeanie called A Touch of Genie, a treasure which has long been presumed to have been lost forever.

Genie is played by Chris Jordan, and the master, Melvin Finkelfarb, by Douglas Stone, a stage performer making his only film appearance. Melvin lives with a classic Jewish mother (Ultramax), owns a small second hand shop, and sneaks out at lunch to watch porno films in Times Square. He finds a magic jar, sticks his schlong into it, and thus summons the Genie. She grants him five wishes. He thought three was the usual number, but she explained that that was back when three wishes actually went somewhere, pre-inflation. He keeps wishing to have sex with porno actresses, and to look like porno stars in the process. Genie hopes he will choose her instead.

Sarno felt that hardcore was best performed by hardcore professionals, so he hired the best: Harry Reems, Eric Edwards, Sandy Foxx, John Ashton, Tina Russell, Lynn Stevens, Marc Stevens, Ro Tasha and Ultramax. (The film's acting stars, Chris Jordan and Douglas Stone, keep their clothes on!) Not only is this film from the classic era of hardcore and stars all the biggest names from 70s porn, but it is hilarious and professionally assembled. This is one of Sarno's favorite films, and for good reason. He combines Yiddish theater humor from his childhood, a spoof of a popular TV show, and hardcore performers to create something that has to be seen to be believed. I couldn't decide if the comedy schtick or the sex was the best part of the film. This is a romantic comedy, and has an appropriately happy ending, but the getting there was all of the fun.



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At the absolute top of the genre! It's a full-featured release of a entertaining hardcore classic which was thought lost until recently. If you are like me, and have an affection for classic porn, and/or porn with a sense of humor, this is a must-own.

AI has done a bang-up job on this release with interviews, a post-screening party, an informative booklet, huge collection of trailers, and a second disk with two other genie-themed pornos, including Swing Genie and Jeanie's Magic Box.

 The video quality of the actual film does have numerous scratches and chips, but these are not enough to detract from the value of the film. It is the best that could be done with the one remaining work print of a long forgotten film.


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  • Ro Tasha shows breasts
  • Sandy Foxx, Tina Russell, Lynn Stevens and Ultramax show everything.

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