Nach Fünf im Urwald



"After Five in the Jungle," is a German comedy staring Franka Potente (Run, Lola, Run) in her first film.

Anna turns 17, and her parents leave the house and allow her to throw a party. The only stated restriction is that they must keep the party downstairs. When her parents return in the morning, they are not pleased. There are hungover teenagers, empty bottles, and trash strewn all over the house, there is a horseradish in the fridge carved into a huge dildo, and there's a small box of hash on the floor. Worst of all, daddy's favorite record, a very rare Thelonius Monk album, is broken. Dad goes postal, and Anna reacts by hitchhiking to Munich. She is picked up by a young man who is also leaving home and who has a huge crush on her.

Meanwhile, all four parents meet in a disco trying to find the kids and they eventually retire to Anna's house, where they recall their own misspent youth, get drunk, and smoke the hash.

In Munich, Anna wants to win a role in a commercial impersonating Janis Joplin, but she and the boy basically just have various misadventures. Anna is talked into a midnight swim by the young man, and strips to her panties. Then his real intentions become known, which is when she decides to return home. Anna finds another copy of the broken record, and returns home to find the house in nearly the same condition as it was after her own party, with all four parents passed out in the living room.

The story is told through the eyes of Anna's little sister, who keeps a journal.

Unfortunately, this film is only available from Germany and is in German with no subtitles, but if you have the language skills, I recommend this one. Not only is it Franka Potente's first role, and a nude one, but it has much to say about the fact that age and maturity are not necessarily the same. And this may be your only chance to see someone scrub and then blow dry a dead rabbit.


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This is a Region 2 DVD, in German, with no English subtitles. Click the image for info. If you are interested in acquiring a region-free DVD player, you can get some info by clicking on the image below.


It won some minor awards. There are no English-language reviews online. You will find several German reviews at IMDb.



7.3 IMDB summary (of 10)




  • Franka Potente is topless in a midnight swim